W e p D e c r y p t

About WepDecrypt:
Wepdecrypt is a Wireless LAN Tool written in c which  guesses WEP Keys based on a active dictionary attack, key generator, distributed network attack and some other methods, it's based on wepattack and GPL licensed.

WepDecrypt highlights:
- Implemented packet filters.
- Only one crypted packet is enough to start cracking
- Has its own key generator.
- Can crack a dumpfile over a network.
- Can act as a server and client.
- Also works in windows.
- Has an fltk gui.

WepDecrypt-0.8.ebuild - (Gentoo)
PKGBUILD - (Archlinux thanks to phloyd@iki.fi)
FrugalBuild - (Frugalware thanks to geekitus@tele2.fr & vmiklos@frugalware.org)
WepDecrypt Manual

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